Author: Didi Wamukoya

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In Nairobi, The Customer is Always Wrong

Nairobi is a very large city teeming with all sorts of businesses, from the fashion industry, to the motor industry, to the culinary industry and the flesh industry. With competition among businesses, each business owner has to go that extra …

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Motorists Under Siege

All motorists in Nairobi know what it feels like to be declared enemies of the state, dangerous beings, renegades if you may, outlaws.  The Government has besieged us from all directions; it is closing in on us, squeezing the essence …

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The Belles Versus The Brutes

It is with heavy heart and dampened spirits that I turn finger to keyboard and give my contribution to the raging war between men and women, Belle and Brute.  Those vile nauseating beasts who have made it their mission to …

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Philosophizing the Fundi

I am sure, dear reader that if you live in Africa the fundi is an integral part of your daily existence.  For you who is a non-Swahili speaker, a fundi is anybody who does repair works and includes a mechanic, …

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Coins are Money

I leave the office at exactly 1700 hours on a Friday evening.  As I drive, I am trying to remember what I have run out of in my kitchen.  I do not want to leave the house on Saturday and …

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