Author: Didi Wamukoya

Posted in Culture

The Belles Versus The Brutes

It is with heavy heart and dampened spirits that I turn finger to keyboard and give my contribution to the raging war between men and women, Belle and Brute.  Those vile nauseating beasts who have made it their mission to …

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Philosophizing the Fundi

I am sure, dear reader that if you live in Africa the fundi is an integral part of your daily existence.  For you who is a non-Swahili speaker, a fundi is anybody who does repair works and includes a mechanic, …

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Coins are Money

I leave the office at exactly 1700 hours on a Friday evening.  As I drive, I am trying to remember what I have run out of in my kitchen.  I do not want to leave the house on Saturday and …

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