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Come We Do Corruption

I was standing on the queue of a government office and had been standing on it for three hours now.  The queue was barely moving and I was exhausted.  I was thirsty and hot and in a foul mood.  The …

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Enemies of Progress
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Enemies of Progress

We are our own enemies of progress.

Over the Christmas holidays, a prominent Kenyan professor posted a photograph of himself and his family on a beach holiday in Malindi.  Of course, Kenyans spewed vitriol and venom directed at the …

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How to Kill a Society’s Traditions

If there is one thing the coloniser did most effectively, it was to colonise our minds and kill our traditions.  The colonisers told our parents’ parents that our traditions were repugnant, our beliefs wicked, our social structures immoral and our …

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Crazy Encounters
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Crazy Encounters

I have realised that in this country, we are all kinds of crazy.  Our craziness manifests itself in very diverse ways including, incomprehensible greed, angry outbursts, maniacal tendencies and violent flareups, among others.

I was unfortunate enough to encounter the …

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Helpless Hannah Husband
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Helpless Hannah Husbands

“My husband is a Helpless Hannah!” exclaimed Muni.

This had all started as a casual conversation after we were done with the official business of our chama meeting.  This was not one of the usual chamas where we contributed funds …

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Inside the Frizzy Jungle of a Nairobi Salon

We had never been lucky to have a local salon at Hekima Estate.  This was until two months ago when Shiny Strands Beauty Salon opened its doors just outside the main gate of Hekima Estate.  Prior to that, we …

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Wamukoya Netia
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Wamukoya Netia

Wamukoya Netia, a novel by Didi Wamukoya

Buy the e-book on Amazon for only Kshs. 800 (USD 8) here…

Paperback on Amazon coming soon.

Printed book will be available for sale in Nairobi from September 2019.


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Social Media; the Driver of Narcissistic Entitlement

Social media has greatly transformed our culture.  It has changed the way we listen, converse, interact, build and sustain relationships.  It is said that adults now spend, on average, three hours per day on social networking and messaging platforms.   Social …

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The Good, the Bad and the Stark Raving Mad

In this city, we have all, if not most of us interacted with the professionals known as domestic managers or domestic helpers.  Our mothers before us were bold and took up the challenge of being co-breadwinners with our fathers.  As …

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Fitina: A Treatise on Malicious Manipulation of Information

If there is something I have learnt from very early in life, it is to keep away from fitinaFitina is a social disease that wrecks relationships, destroys families and leads to serious crimes of passion.  Woe unto you …

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