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The Less You Talk, the More You Eat, the Better You Will Feel!

My Standard Two class teacher, Mrs. Waweru, made an amendment, or a remix if you like, to the popular nursery rhyme ‘Row, row, row your boat’ when teaching us a lesson on table manners.  This was during those days when …

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Come We Do Corruption

I was standing on the queue of a government office and had been standing on it for three hours now.  The queue was barely moving and I was exhausted.  I was thirsty and hot and in a foul mood.  The …

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Inside the Frizzy Jungle of a Nairobi Salon

We had never been lucky to have a local salon at Hekima Estate.  This was until two months ago when Shiny Strands Beauty Salon opened its doors just outside the main gate of Hekima Estate.  Prior to that, we …

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Ludwig, the Young Business Man

I am glad you are back, dear reader.  While you were away, questions and comments about business in Nairobi came in hard and fast.  Surely Nairobi was not entirely proliferated by kioskers, otherwise the very successful businesses we see …

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The Hekima Business Community Kioskers

I read an Article the other day where Bob Collymore (may his soul rest in peace) informed us Kenyans in no uncertain terms that we were plagued, afflicted, infected beyond cure with what is known as “Kiosk Mentality”.  …

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Plastic Bags

It is almost one year since the ban of plastic bags in Kenya which took effect precisely on 28th August 2017. With the recent stories in the news that the ban is not being implemented and/or enforced, I decided …

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A Swanky Business Lunch

I sit at Mama’s Home Lunch Restaurant staring at my plate of pilau and beef gravy with kachumbari and avocado on the side.  The aromas from my plate and from the other foods in the restaurant do not tantalise me …

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In Nairobi, The Customer is Always Wrong

Nairobi is a very large city teeming with all sorts of businesses, from the fashion industry, to the motor industry, to the culinary industry and the flesh industry. With competition among businesses, each business owner has to go that extra …

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Philosophizing the Fundi

I am sure, dear reader that if you live in Africa the fundi is an integral part of your daily existence.  For you who is a non-Swahili speaker, a fundi is anybody who does repair works and includes a mechanic, …

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Coins are Money

I leave the office at exactly 1700 hours on a Friday evening.  As I drive, I am trying to remember what I have run out of in my kitchen.  I do not want to leave the house on Saturday and …

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