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The Queue

You can learn a lot from just standing or sitting in a queue. When you are forced to queue for hours, the idle chitchat of others in the queue serves as very useful entertainment. If you are next to some …

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Absence is Not Goodbye

Indeed, absence is not goodbye for am I not back as promised to satisfy your curious minds with tales of Flash and matatu businesses? So, where was I in my story?

I recollect.

The weekend came and went and …

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A Man Cannot Cry

For those who are expecting a scandalous tale about a man crying for something or over something, you have clicked the wrong link. There is nothing special about the title of this blog – it is click bait. I just …

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Wakhaba Will Marry
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Wakhaba Will Marry


Wakhaba Will Marry; A Novel by Didi Wamukoya

See your purchase options here.

“Wakhaba will marry. Anaya, are you listening to me? Wakhaba will marry and if it is not you, then it will be somebody else.

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I Am Multi-Skilled: Lessons From the COVID-19 Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted our lives. It has greatly impacted on the way we work, socialize and worship. Further, it has wreaked havoc on our economies, industries and well-being. Until a vaccine is found, we shall have to adapt …

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Night Club
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A Night Club in Town

We paid our bill and left Desalech Kitfo. You remember the couple I told you about, the Ethiopian lady and her Indian beau who joined our party? Well, they followed us out of the restaurant like we were in the …

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Night Out
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A Night on the Town

When the government proposed social distancing and staying at home as measures to combat the spread of COVID-19 crisis, there came, as usual, an online war between the introverts and the extroverts. The introverts contended that this was their time …

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Ritual Healer
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The Ritual Healer

Dear Reader, the events I am about to describe here happened way before we knew that such a thing like coronavirus existed. So do not fear that I went against common sense and ignored directives on social distancing. In fact, …

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Enemies of Progress
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Enemies of Progress

We are our own enemies of progress.

Over the Christmas holidays, a prominent Kenyan professor posted a photograph of himself and his family on a beach holiday in Malindi.  Of course, Kenyans spewed vitriol and venom directed at the …

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Helpless Hannah Husband
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Helpless Hannah Husbands

“My husband is a Helpless Hannah!” exclaimed Muni.

This had all started as a casual conversation after we were done with the official business of our chama meeting.  This was not one of the usual chamas where we contributed funds …

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